The direction of our focus

As human beings we have the incredible power to focus on whatever we set our minds to. No other creature that we know of has this ability to direct all of our attention and energy onto just one thing for such a long period of time. The thing that sets us apart however is not so much the focus of the moment right the and there, as even animals solve puzzles and problems they are faced with. Our unique ability comes from the way we can create visions of the future or the past in our minds and fantasise about the outcome, what it looks like, feels like and sounds like. We are able to work on problems and puzzles without having them directly in front of us.

This has incredible benefits as we have seen, the world we have created around us has come from this ability to have ideas and work on them in our minds with other people and to create new or better things in the name of progress and time efficiency.

However there is also a vastly untold and untalked about negative side to this innate ability we possess. When we are able to focus our minds into something creative it’s perfect… The other side is the mind running rampage on its own, creating thought streams that spiral out of control rapidly. The majority of us tend to focus on the negative things in our lives, the things that go wrong or went wrong in the past. We visualise them over and over again for weeks, months and even years after the incident. With the repetition of these thoughts and memories unknown to most, come the self-limiting beliefs that follow. After all, all Beliefs are just thoughts that are repeated over and over in our heads until taken as absolute truths.  

We rarely stop to question these thoughts that we perceive as the voice in our heads and what the long term harmful effects could be. The majority of us have no problem jumping at the chance to criticise others thoughts, words and feelings but at times we don’t seem to possess the ability to question our own.

Becoming aware of our thoughts and not remaining a victim of them is a massive part of achieving what the majority of us want… to feel better at any given time (More happiness, more joy, more love). The beginning stage is the noticing of just how out of control our thoughts really are, we become more than our thoughts and become the awareness behind them. Observing the sporadic and sometimes destructive thought streams that we create.

The next stage is when we notice our thoughts rampaging in a direction that we don’t want, we can to instead of feeling anger or annoyance we begin to consciously direct our thoughts to better feeling ones. When we do this and think deliberately, the thoughts that are creating our feelings change and we are able to feel better now. After all the only reason why we do anything is to feel better right? The reason why we want anything is because we think that attaining or achieving that thing will bring more to our lives and make us FEEL better. A better car? Makes you feel better… a bigger house for your family… makes you feel better through security and expansion, a job promotion makes you feel like you moving forward.

(Of course going deeper we can look at that having or achieving these things isn’t really what we want and that is the FEELING we desire but that is a whole other topic!)

We are able to take control of our thoughts and through it create a reality that is personally wonderful and unique to each one of us. It takes time and effort for sure ,but can you think of anything more worthwhile? The ability to feel how you want whenever you want no matter what is happening or who is around you… it sounds damn amazing to me!






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