Humanity’s Evolution

Humanity has come to an incredible cross roads I believe, we live in a world that is lost in our creations. We have the internet in our pockets and are connected to almost anything we want on the planet.

Although we are so intertwined with these things we have never before have we been so disconnected from each other. With all of our technology we are losing touch of the true beauty of humanity and the incredible planet we live on. In the past, men who have sort to conquer countries and even the world have been fortunately been restricted by their ability to do so with primitive means of weapons and transportation. Now… Now we have men and women with the power to push a button and end the world as we know it.

I believe that in order to survive we need to evolve…

For the majority of us however, the word evolve carries the mental image of Darwin’s progress of ape to man, but if we take the literal translation:

Evolution: To change or develop slowly, often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state.

The key word I think here is State. It doesn’t define evolving as exclusively an physically changing but developing into “a better, more complex or advanced STATE”

Human beings that have vastly untapped and untold potential of just our brains alone that given this definition there is enormous potential for us to reach a “More advanced state”

I believe we have the potential to make this change right now. Not a change that is forced by a harsh environment or a need to immediately survive. By gaining the knowledge it is possible however, the realisation that we are in control of not only our minds, hearts and spirts, but the collective consciousness of our race as well. We need to take responsibility for not only our individual lives but the impact that our thoughts, words and actions have on our communities that echo into our countries and then around our planet.

Science has now proven that we are all part of a “quantum field of energy”, a field that binds matter together and that links every single thing on the planet and the universe. There is no me and you, and no us and them. The separation that we feel from each other and even from plants and animals is created and given room to grow because of the way our societies shape and mould us as we grow up. It is an illusion, as fundamentally we are all made up of the same thing…. Energy. If we were able to understand this at the base level I believe the world would be one that we would be proud to live in. We need to know it so deeply though… as deeply as when you know how to swim you don’t hesitate to jump into the water because you don’t question that you know how to swim… you just jump.

This STATE that I have mentioned, is a higher state of vibration, a higher state of being. It consists of being aware that we are connected to everything around us and that our thoughts, words, feelings and actions however small they may seem, hold a vast power that we are responsible for. In a right state of mind you wouldn’t harm yourself, but because of this separation we don’t see the harm we are doing to the larger version of our whole ,that cannot be observed with our limited senses.

Once we are able to embody this information, we will be able to individually create and shape our destinies the way we want, personally and collectively. We will be able to come together without the separation and segregation that have previously held us back, no longer seeing people around us from different counties and places divided by imaginary lines and different shades of skin, but as one race, one species, bound together with one collective future.








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