Generating Happiness (Staying true to yourself)

This is such a vast topic, I believe this means so many things. But honestly in my opinion, it comes down to this simple truth. Inside each and every one of us there are two parts. The first part we are born with, and inherently is full of love, peace and understanding. For argument’s sake let’s call this your heart. The second part is what we learn from the very moment we are born. This literally is created, changes and evolves every second till the moment we die. Once again for argument’s sake let’s call this the mind.

These two parts of us have infinite paths to go down, as both are molded by our journey through this life. I will try and explain how I see both of these sides to us and what the impacts are of each.

Firstly we have the heart, I believe this is truly as beings who we are, full of love and understanding. I believe our hearts are our guides in this life. We have all heard the phrase “follow your heart” it’s a message in countless films and stories. There is no one single person that I have read about or met that hasn’t found happiness everyday by following their heart. It seems to always lead to great fulfilment and personal success. Success being many different things, not only material wealth.

We all have personal gifts and talents that others cannot do, or do as well. They are part of what makes each and every one of us unique. Unfortunately what society has now done is squash our ability to be our unique selves. We are now told there are pathways that will give you the “best life” and sometimes our parents and peers shun us if we do not strive towards this. We lose track of who we are and what makes us special and unique to fulfil society’s dream of having a nice house and a nice car.

The jobs that maybe we love and get the most fulfilment personally from, can be considered not good enough. Not only is this impression given to us from a very young age (and all the way through school) but after a while we start believing it and telling ourselves this very thing. “I SHOULD, be doing this or that”. This in my opinion one of the worst things we say to ourselves. No one, your friends, your family, even your life partner is in control of your own happiness. You and only you know what is best for yourself, what makes you truly happy and your heart sing. In our search for happiness I believe we lose and are encouraged to lose our Innate trust to know what is best for ourselves. Instead of taking the time to decide what we want and what is best for us, we look elsewhere. Looking to other people and what they have and we say “when I have that I’ll be happy”. Happiness doesn’t start by having anything or doing anything. It starts by taking the time to listen to what you have inside you and acting upon that.

Now when we are born our mind is created and all of a sudden there is something to question, analyse and potentially change that understanding and love. It is scientifically proven that from the moment we are born till about 7-8 years old we absorb every tiny little detail around us. This starts to create our personality that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. This creation carries on (although with less potency) as we continue on through our existence. We are able to change and grow and adapt to our surroundings or to our idea of what we want to be.

When we are young the tiniest of things good or bad can formulate ideas, opinions and beliefs that shape us when we are older. These experiences literally define how we see the world and interact with it. The thing is, once you have these beliefs and ideas it is so very hard to undo them. Especially if you are not aware where they came from or what to do about them. This creates a divide inside yourself, between your heart and your mind. Between your unconditional love and understanding and yours mind made up ideas that form limitations towards it. Unfortunately it seems that the vast majority of times the mind wins. Having the constant reinforcement of society, our peers, family and even our own mind telling us this is what we need to do or be.

Each part of us affects the other, when you’re in love you’re so happy and full of joy. You want to meet and enjoy new experiences you feel light and free. When you are in a situation of fear you contract and hide, pushing everyone away out of fear of pain.

I personally believe that our heart is another form of consciousness that we just don’t understand yet. If a big grey mass of organic tissue inside our heads that we barely understand even to this day, controls our thoughts and body. Is it so hard to believe that in our chest is another form of consciousness that reacts to deep emotions? We have all felt that massive pain in your chest over a breakup or loss of loved one. “Heartbreak” it’s called.

We all have a tendency to follow what our mind thinks we SHOULD do. Yet we fail to see that our minds have been created by outside stimulus. What other people have done to us, around us, told us. Uniting our two parts, our incredible power of the mind to create and walk along our hearts path is a wonderful journey that we all can take. It takes a leap of faith but as so many have testified… It’s worth it a million times over.

I now use my heart as a filter for all my choices. I find that when I ask myself a question and look to my heart for an answer I feel a lightness for yes and a heavy weight for no. I have been practicing for a while and am quite sensitive to it now.

I urge you to try it and see for yourself. I truly believe that if more people were following their heart’s path, lasting worldwide change would be well within our grasp. I hope you have enjoyed this series if you made it so far. I hope you find your path and all the joy and happiness that comes with such a journey. All my love and light Ehren

One thought on “Generating Happiness (Staying true to yourself)

  1. I love this, thank you. I’m reading the Power of Now at the moment and this shares a si.ilar message. The problem comes when we identify with our mind and mistake it for ‘us’. Our true nature is in the stillness behind it.. perhaps that’s the heart.


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