Generating Happiness (Being Unconditional)

I love this one and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

I have found that not only is this so hard to find in society nowadays but it is precious beyond measure. The happiness it creates for you after the constant practice is second to none. We live in a society now that is based very much in our ego. It is always “look out for number one” or “what can I get out of this situation”. The majority of this is unconscious, we are not aware that we are doing it. In some ways I think it makes it worse. As it is programmed into us by our parents, then our peers, eventually constantly by our own mind.

We are all so afraid of each other it seems nowadays. It truly saddens me. Smiling at people on the street is seems to be a unspoken crime. You can almost hear their thoughts of “Jesus please don’t ask me for anything, quickly look away before it happens”. I’m not saying of course every single person is like this but in my personal experience a vast majority it is the case. What happened!?

A unconditional act in the midst of all this, is a ray of light in the dark. The act of being unconditional for a human brings happiness, joy and peace to the very core of our being. The more you give without any expectation of return the more happiness it brings you. When I say “more” I’m not taking about giving large things away I’m asking about the continual use of giving big or small without expectation of anything in return.

I personally started with smiling and a kind word when ever I could as that was all I could give. Complimenting random strangers was always fun. You see giving doesn’t have to be material objects that we all seem so obsessed with. It can be a kind word here or there, or a act of kindness such as carrying a elderly persons shopping to their car.

You have no idea what it may mean to them, it may just a small act from you but imagine if they were having the worst day ever and you just lended a small hand. It brings hope and light into their day that maybe was filled with darkness before. I used to work in a co-op and had a morning shift 6am – 2pm. I loved this shift because I would make it my mission to make the people coming in from 6am, smile before they left the shop. This would consist of singing to them(heads, shoulders, knees and toes always seemed to work) or just smiling and complimenting them.
I totally understand some people would rather die than do any of that but I started somewhere… Just a kind word or a smile.

I have no idea what the repercussions of that were, but I like to think it helped start their day off better. Manage the traffic to work a little better or deal with a troublesome colleague. Not only did I get them to smile but it created a environment that I looked forward to who so much I would get there early most days. At 6am! What!!? Even though I was at work, I created a situation at times I was so happy it over flowed out of me.

Bringing more unconditional acts into your life will set you free in ways that you couldn’t possibility imagine. I laugh, smile and dance whenever I feel like it, without out caring what others think about me. It all stemmed from my unconditional acts, because when you give wholly from your heart without wanting return it. Releases feelings of great joy that cannot be overcome by other people judgments.

There is so much more I could write about regarding this subject but wanted to keep it short for now.
I hope that my understanding of this and my explanation of what practising this in my life has done for me give you incentive to try it out.

“The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, is that we wait so long to begin it”
W.M Lewis

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