Generating Happiness (Gratitude)

I know for sure that Gratitude is a massive part the vision i have of life, i am grateful for everything. The good, the bad and the ugly. This is a hard concept to grasp at first i have found. Being grateful for the good things, that can be quite a easy thing to get your head around as we all have things to be grateful for. A good day at work, or with the family, your health, A special person in your life, the food you’re eating, the list goes on. It’s quite an easy habit to get into if you start practicing it.

Involving this into your everyday life, i have found after a while radically changes your view of your existence. It lets you see the benefits every moment has to offer instead of the downsides. Thus improving the quality of your life. When i started doing this i had to consciously either say it out loud or take a second and say it to myself. I set aside time each day, (before bed in a good one) and then periodically throughout the day. Once you get into the habit, (3 weeks to a month) it becomes natural and you start to see the changes in your behaviour and your thoughts.

The hard bit is being grateful for the bad and the ugly things that happen in your life. Losing your keys when you are late for a meeting, losing your business and going bankrupt, having a bad argument with your partner. These are the things that test us to the maximum, having the ability to see the good in them is one of the greatest gifts i think we can possess.

What if because you were late to that meeting, you avoided a fatal car accident? Or if losing that business opened a doorway to fulfillment and happiness in a direction you never thought possible. Would you be grateful? I think everyone would on both accounts, whether that was the case or not is irrelevant. The ability to see it is all you need. Because from this creates potential for happiness instead of irritation. No one is perfect and believe me it it takes time, i started this when i was 15. With practice it is easier and easier to slip out of the irritation or anger, into gratitude and then into happiness. Sticking at it and creating a habit is seriously the key. Even if you don’t feel grateful saying it out loud or to yourself over and over will eventually override your natural response of anger, irritation and blame  

The Arguments you have with your partner or the important people in your life is even harder (I still haven’t completely mastered this one). These arguments whether you see it or not show you the parts of yourself that could do with a little work. Whether it is understanding (One of my personal ones) empathy, compassion, the ability to listen selflessly, the list goes on. When you realise this and really want to grow and become and better person (Not everyone does and that’s okay) then looking back and reflecting on these disagreements you can then become grateful of what you have leant. This then slowly creates a new way your brain looks at arguments a way to learn and grow as a person. Which in turn brings more gratitude and more happiness at your progress.

My advice is to just bring more gratitude into your life. Start with the simple things and regularly throughout the day. It will begin to change your thought patterns and bring more peace and joy into your life. From there once you have created a habit, you will slowly start to see the world in a bright, new, exciting, different way.

“Those who are happiest, never did have everything. But rather are thankful for everything they do have”

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step”

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